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Biking to wineries in Maipu, Argentina

My name is Reesa and welcome to my humble blog!

546369_4157985076331_739744328_nI graduated from Colby College in Maine in 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a Neuroscience concentration and in English. For a while now, I have decided to make both travel and food big parts of my life. I am currently living with myboyfriend, Mateo, in Mendoza, Argentina. We moved here in September of 2013 and we are planning on making it our home until at least July 2014. We have been fortunate to find awesome jobs working on a tourism project in Valle de Uco and teaching English.


Hiking in the Andes

 I started this blog to share my stories of travel, adventure, food, and finding the right balance in life. Understanding what makes you happy and taking the time to figure this out is no easy feat. After college, I didn’t enter the workforce right away like most of my peers. It was nerve wracking to take the path less traveled but it was absolutely the right decision.  Instead of going back to school or applying for jobs, I made money as quickly as I could and then had a beautiful time traveling in Asia with Mateo.

 After that whirlwind of a trip, we dicided that we wanted to have to slow down a bit and experience living abroad for a while. We knew we wanted to learn another language in another country while we were still free enough to pack up everything and leave on a whim. We’ve had to figure out how to find meaningful work and support ourselves very far from home and that has been really difficult at times but it has also been rewarding. Being in your early twenties isn’t easy; there is so much left to discover about yourself and about life but traveling has helped me start to do this. I am not sure what is next, but as long as it’s not boring I bet I’ll enjoy it!

More about food:

Since I was thirteen I have been a pescatarian, meaning that the only meat I eat is fish. I’ve lived this way for a while and it’s what works for me. Normally, I never feel deprived but I’ve been put to the test in Argentina. Eating only fish and vegetables in Argentina, where beef is king, is definitely a challenge but it’s just inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen. My mindset about food is that it’s all about balance: it’s important to eat healthy whole food and also to allow yourself to indulge.

Eel soup in Vietnam

Eel soup in Vietnam


Koh Tarutao National Park in Thailand


Motorbiking around Vietnam


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