Welcome to Mendoza everyone

As this blog’s title suggests, I love traveling because I love eating. Half the reason I love going to new places is because I get to experience and taste delicious food from around the world. When I think of traveling I think of trying to order food while stumbling over words like “mohinga” and “lephet thoke”, I think of exciting tastes, and most of all I think of shared meals. When my boyfriend, Mateo, and I traveled to Asia in early 2013 I got to try some of the most divine, spicy, and inexpensive food that I’d ever had. Every day I woke up looking forward to the bowl of noodles I would inevitably be eating and I was seriously in food heaven. I probably overdosed on MSG but it was totally worth every delicious, umami bite.



                    Noodles in Japan

When Mateo and I were thinking of where we wanted to live next, we knew we wanted to go to a Spanish speaking country (with delicious food, of course) and we knew that we couldn’t afford Europe. Bye, bye dreams of Spain and paella! But how exactly did we decide on Argentina? When we were in Thailand we met the sweetest couple from Argentina:  Martin and Ceci. They were well into the second-half of their year-long trip around the world and we spent hours talking with them in the lobby of our hostel. When Mateo and I mentioned that we had plans to live in a Spanish-speaking countrythey begin telling us more about Argentina, a country that we hadn’t considered beforehand. While they did mentioned some potential downsides to living their now (namely the economy), what I caught my attention the most was how they lit up when they spoke about what it was like to grow up there, the country’s expansiveness, and all the things they missed. It was obvious that this couple’s enthusiasm for life and their warmness said something about Argentine people as a whole.

Once we returned back to the U.S. We started planning and decided to try our luck living in Mendoza, Argentina the hometown of Martin and the fourth-largest city in Argentina. Martin’s family generously offered to host us for the first two weeks of our visit while we looked for an apartment and for jobs, despite the fact that we had spent no more than 3 hours with their son. Their hospitality meant so much to us our first few days and we would have been much more overwhelmed without a home-cooked meal to come back to every day. Argentines are incredibly genuine and when they say they would love to have you stay with them or that they want to have a asado with you, not only do they mean it but they also make it happen. The first week was a whirlwind of apartment and job hunting. It was also when I started to realize that the food here wasn’t going to be quite what I had expected…

Truthfully, I didn’t do too much research about Argentine cuisine before I came. The summer went by with astounding speed and before I knew it Mateo and I were on a plane to Buenos Aires. Of course, I knew that Argentine the place for beef but that didn’t deter me too much. After all, it was South America! There had to be spice and beans and rice at the very least. Right? Right?! Well, not exactly…

Navigating Argentine cuisine has been quite the challenge but instead of giving up and having French fries for dinner every night, I decided to embrace the challenge. I’ve spent more time in the kitchen these past six months than I think I have in the past six years. Although I am most certainly a cooking novice, at least a few delicious morsels have come out of my dingy kitchen. This blog is for me to share some of these creations as well as my tasty adventures abroad as a twenty-something trying to figure out what’s next.






3 thoughts on “Welcome to Mendoza everyone

  1. I couldn’t get enough of Argentine food during my backpacking through South America. If Argentine beef isn’t your style, check out Humita, a delicious corn stew/soupish kind of dish, and of course it wouldn’t be South America without some empanadas! And don’t forget Argentine wine, especially in Mendoza, to go with any meal.

    • Thanks for the advice! I’ve been here for six months and I’ve had some great food (empanadas and humita definitely rank up there) but it’s also gotten a bit monotonous which is why I’ve tried getting creative. And yes, I think I’ll be having some of that wine tonight actually 🙂 When did you travel here and what did you think of Mendoza?

      • I backpacked through a bit Argentina about a year and a half ago during a break from year of study in Santiago, Chile. I loved Mendoza, it was a beautiful city and a great jumping off point for the rest of Argentina.

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